You are worthy



Do you have a feeling of unworthiness?

Do you judge yourself?

Do you have a feeling of what you really yearning for you can’t make it,  whatever that might be.

So many people judge themselves because they are listening to the scarcity mind. The dualistic mind. The EGO.

And that voice inside of you is made up through all your past experiences with your relatives, your family, teacher’s, trainers, school friends and so on. The people who was around you when you grew up and judge you in some way through words or not. Maybe you were bullied at. Maybe you were laughed at. Maybe you were ignored. Maybe a special mimic was in their face and you interpreted that as you weren’t good enough.

Do You Know, I mean do You Really Know like feeling knowingness that You Are Worthy?

If not. Why not now!

Do you know the Truth? Truth will set you free.

You can take this moment to begin to explore and uncover your Real and True Nature.

Your Real Nature is never something less than beautiful.

In fact it’s Divine and here in this world it’s expressed through the costume of you, your body-mind.

You as True Nature is endless, timeless Divine Presence and in that lies endless possibilities to express who you really are.

It’s time to end all suffering. Suffering is nothing less of repeating past pain over and over again.

Why should you do that?

Now you know better.

Allow yourself to feel fully what you feel and whatever have been created/made up will diminish because of your willingness to feel it fully.

It will drop away of itself because you don’t suppress it anymore and cover it up. You don’t try to push it away. You don’t make a story of your experience.

You just welcome it, experience it inside of you and let it drop, fall away. Naturally…

Which limited believes in your life do you feel you have to drop? Maybe you find out by yourself that you have to drop them all, the attachment to them all. And yes that can evoke some fear in you and that’s because you don’t what will be left. That’s because you don’t know your self, really yet.

When you stand on a cliff ready to enter the unknown, just the moment before you take the leap it can feel scary. But it’s worth it!

Because You Are Worthy!

If you have the courage, which you have unless you tell yourself otherwise. Then Fall! 

You as the awareness witnessing it all from inside out and outside in.

Because you have a inner knowing beyond words of who you are.

You  abide in that as Nothingness.

And by abide as Nothingness you become full of Life again.

In fact You and Life are now not separated any more. And have never been. Just in your story of yourself.

You can now be the fallen bird Fenix who have risen out of the ashes and now shines of Pure Innocent Divine Presence.



Bengt Fridstråle

Bloggen drivs av Bengt Fridstråle - Retreatledare, Livscoach, Samtalsterapeut i Psykosyntes, Andlig Vägledare och Mystiker vars glädje är att dela med sig av det han funnit till den som längtar efter att vila i sig själv - precis som det du verkligen ÄR. Det finns inget som glädjer honom mer än att få se tindrande ögon av sant igenkännande av denna Sanning, att dela denna Kärlek, Lycksalighet och Frid. Bengt erbjuder Retreater, Satsangs, Coaching, Beingness sessioner m.m. Varmt välkommen att höra av dig!