Soulful Coaching Questions


Essential Coaching Questions

For You as a Human Being and as a Life Coach

Have you seen this movie?
Johnny-Depp in the movie “Don Juan DeMarco” (1994)

Sometimes in our life we see a movie that comes down to the essential things in life. Like this one.

Johnny Depp as Don Juan says, “There are only four questions of value in life”.


– What is sacred?

– Of what is the spirit made?

– What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for?


“The answer to each is the same – only Love.”


In truth, this is one sexy movie, full of romance and sweetness. And the quote says it all.

Imagine for a moment that you’re really clear on what is important to you. I mean, so important that it’s not only worth dying for, but worth living for.

Isn’t that what we do as life coaches?

Don’t we help people uncover and discover that “Life Purpose”?

How many of us feel that way about coaching?

In fact, a powerful question to bring to your clients:

“What is so important that it’s not only worth dying for, but also worth living for?”

It’s a question that we don’t explore often enough, if at all. And at the heart of it, our purpose, our passion, our reason for living always comes down to that simple four-letter word:


– How can we coach without love?
– How can we and our clients truly live without love?
– How can any of us leave this earth when it’s time without having tapped into that deepest and most powerful and primal need and desire?

To Be and express Love!

And even if you’re not a coach, to be and express love is the most natural thing in this world but so often overlooked and suppressed when the mind runs amok over things it feels is more important for us to DO!!!

In our daily life we will sooner or later find there is nothing more worth living for than Love.


It’s more than loving another person:

It’s about loving ourselves, it’s about loving our experiences and it’s about loving our lives.

If we can do that, and if we help our clients to experience that, then we’ve really accomplished something.

I know sometimes it feels so hard, but in reality love is the simplest and most powerful thing in the world.

So this week, why not ask yourself – and your clients – these four questions:

1. “What is sacred?”
2. “What is the spirit made of?”
3. “What is worth living for?”
4. “What is worth dying for?”

And see what answers you get.

John Lennon said: “All you need is Love.”

I say: “You are the Love You seek”

I wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the Name of  LOVE

Bengt Fridstråle

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