Release your pain and experience the gift

Experience the gift behind the pain

Unreleased painful thoughts makes you suffer.
– Have you recognized that?
– How to end it?
Just lika a mother releases here baby when she will give birth to it.
She don´t hold on to the baby when it´s time to give birth and experience her creation.
– She feels wholehearteadly into the pain and then give her baby a lovingly helping inner push (a guiding direction so even here little child will find more space and freedom from this limited world inside the womb) and let the baby naturally go/slip out of her.
And then she gives here full attention to the restful and blissful experience beyond that pain with her baby.
Awareness of this moment as it is now.

That´s the way to handle every painful emotion which is the result of not yet released painful storys you carry around in your mind.
Storys that not yet have been seen, heard, felt and experienced. Because we have judged them as something unwanted.
Our thoughts makes up our experiences and now we don´t want them.

Now – give birth to them all in the same way.
One by one as they appear.
In your own life!
Underneath them all you will find your freedom which eternally have been here all the time.
And more so even before space and time.
That Freedom have never been separated from the One you essentially are.
FREEDOM and what you are is inseparable!

Welcome Home!

Bengt Fridstråle

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