GOD investment is GOOD investment


GOD investment don’t need the investment in the word itself

This world is from one point of view a kind of a stockmarket.

It’s seems that a lot of people make investments in things, papers of different kind, opinions, concepts, experiences and people to handle their lifes and to make them self happy.

For some time it seems that those investments do well and a part very well. Some goes bad and a part very bad.

Ups and downs, all for the highest good and yet there is only ONE investment that is everlasting good.

It’s a GOD investment.

It is the investment in the forever yielding prosperity of the Heart of Love.

That investment is of Grace already given us. We can’t make or buy it.

Just allow yourself to be, give and receive from this unlimited Source.

As we sow we shall reap.

Sow Love and Peace and reap Love and Peace. 

♥ Love and Peace blessings ♥


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Bengt Fridstråle

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