The day he first told me he was starting to disappear.

I didn’t believe him and so he stopped and held his hand up to the sun and it was like thin paper in the light and finally I said you seem very calm for a man who is disappearing.

He said it was a relief after all those years of trying to keep the pieces of his life in one place. Later on, I went to see him again and as I was leaving, he put a package in my hand.

This is the last piece of my life, he said, take good care of it and then he smiled and was gone and the room filled with the sound of the wind and when I opened the package there was nothing there and I thought there must be some mistake or maybe I dropped it and I got down on my hands and my knees and looked until the light began to fade and then slowly I felt the pieces of my life fall away.

Gently and suddenly I understood what he meant and I lay there for a long time crying and laughing at the same time.

’Disappearing’ from Storypeople.com


Bengt Fridstråle

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